The More You Give, The More You Get

July 18, 2011

“The woman/man who does MORE than s/he is paid for

will soon be PAID for more than s/he does.”

-Napoleon Hill.

This is about how engaged you are in your organisation.

Every leader and manager wants people who are so committed that they give 150%, but not all of them have the skills to motivate and inspire that level of engagement in their people.

Don’t wait to be inspired by your manager. . Many don’t have the skills because they were appointed to their position because of their technical skills, and their people skills are not well-developed.

Motivate and inspire yourself and all your colleagues around you.

Make a decision this week to begin to go the extra mile in your work. Act on what needs to be done without being asked. Take the initiative. Do it for the organisation, because you want to be part of an enthusiastic, energised, positive and proactive team.

But do it for yourself also.

If you want to advance your career, if you want to move beyond where you are now, look for opportunities to do more than you are paid for. These are the experiences and projects that expand and stretch you, that often allow you to develop untapped talents and show you what you are really capable of.

You will love what you do when you bring your whole self to your work – your heart, your mind and your spirit. Don’t just bring your body and leave the rest in the car park.

Be authentic however. Too much ego will see your motives questioned. Too much humility will see you taken for granted.  Discover the balance!

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